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If you see it, it will happen.



Freddy obtained his degree in Psychology in 2009, during his career as a professional baseball player in the Anaheim Angels farm systems and the Major League club. He then pursued his master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Human Resources. 

Freddy is certified as a Life Purpose, Executive Leadership and Professional Coach. As well as being a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, MBTI and MMTIC Personality Assessments, and Hypnosis. He is also a Master Mindfulness Practitioner

In 2012, after sustaining a number of injuries while playing baseball, Freddy retired from the field and launched a new career as a Mental Skills Coach for the Kansas City Royals. He spent the next four years working with players, helping and leading them to use the mind and body connection to achieve ultimate success. He developed a rigorous mental training program that works with the mind and body to increase confidence, improve self-talk, redirect thoughts toward tasks, dreams and goals, teach relaxation, create proper muscle memory, instill new habits, develop a positive attitude, and alter behavior. 

Today, Freddy continues to work with individuals to help gain control of the mind to relieve stress, tension, problems, fears, roadblocks and limitations that are affecting the individual from achieving maximum potential. When not working, Freddy enjoys spending quality time with his children, outdoor activities such as boating, skiing, fishing, and hunting. 

Freddy currently lives in Talent, Oregon with his two sons, Kaleb and Micah who at a young age are learning to live life with joy and happiness.

Freddy Sandoval was inducted into the Tijuana, B.C. Mexico Hall of Fame in July 2021. 

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