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Client Testimonials

Freddy Sandoval and The Choice to Believe LLC proudly works with 
individuals, athletes, schools, and executives of all ages and backgrounds 
to reach goals, emotional freedom, and success.


Adrian Gonzalez

MLB First Baseman, Los Angeles Dodgers

The game of baseball is 80% mental and 20% physical goes the saying. I believe this to be true. If you can have an edge before you even step on the field, you have won half the battle towards success. One big flaw in sports, from a preparation standpoint, is that we train about 95% physical and only about 5% mental. Then I had a conversation with Freddy. Freddy showed me a way i can train and prepare mentally in a way I had never thought of in my 16 years of professional baseball. I work with Freddy daily to teach my mind to work to the best of its ability. I found Freddy's program extremely helpful. I was able to overcome parts of my game that I had not before. I strongly suggest players from all ages to work with Freddy on the mental aspect of the game. Your mind can take you to the next level. 


Jaime Garcia

MLB Pitcher, Saint Louis Cardinals

Freddy has been able to simplify everything and teach me how to live and think in the moment, no matter the situation. To live in the present. He is helping me understand how to stay positive through the difficulties and adversities I face from time to time as a professional athlete. Freddy has helped me learn how to enjoy the game and to enjoy life in general, how to enjoy the moment and most importantly, how to maximize my own potential.


Nick Hundley

MLB Catcher, Colorado Rockies

I have known Freddy for a long time, coming up through the minor leagues and playing against him all over the country. I was fortunate enough to work with Freddy starting prior to the 2015 season. Not only did I have the best year of my career, I also enjoyed the game and the grind of the season more than I ever had. Never before have I been in such command of my emotions. He taught me how to relax consistently, how to believe in who I am as a player and how to control the game and my thoughts instead of having it happen the other way around. The on field improvement was great, but Freddy also helped in other areas of my life. He strengthened my faith, helped my communication and leadership skills and improved my sleep habits through relaxation. As long as I play this game, I'll always lean on Freddy for improvement.


A.J. Pollock

MLB Center Fielder, Los Angeles Dodgers

Freddy helped me get through a very difficult injury and return stronger than ever. I learned the importance of good self-talk and the impact your mind has on healing and performance. I would not have been as focused and committed to the healing process without Freddy's help and when I returned to the field, it was as though I never left. Many other areas in my life were impacted due to Freddy's teachings. My favorite was his system of relaxation and the positive effect it had on my sleep. I would definitely recommend Freddy to drive individuals looking for an edge in their lives. 


Amy Thomas 

Blogger, advocate for patients of hydrocephalus 

When I met Freddy Sandoval, I had no intention of becoming his coaching client. I actually told him that I had “too many coaches” and I didn’t need another. He just laughed. What I wasn’t prepared for was the relentless dedication he would prove to me over the months that followed. As a result of that dedication, Freddy has not only become a crucial part of my medical/rehabilitation team, but also has become one of the best friends I know I’ll ever have. I have a brain condition called hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of spinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain. As a result of my condition, I have had a total of seventeen surgeries on my brain, and in recent years have taken a role of publicly advocating for patients with hydrocephalus, through my blog and speaking. I have an unbelievably talented and dedicated team of professionals and doctors who keep me physically strong and ready for surgery at all times. When Freddy came into my life, I knew that he could help me to control and process my thinking, heal from trauma, and teach me to have a mental edge in all aspects of my life. So, in the end, he gets to be my coach - and I am honored to have him.


Miguel Gonzalez

MLB Pitcher, Chicago White Sox

Before working with Freddy, I was not feeling good physically or emotionally. From the first moment we started working together, I started feeling different in my way of thinking. I felt motivated and confident. I was doubtful at first, but I continued working exactly as Freddy suggested. I was positive, did my exercises, and my relaxations. It was then that I started noticing the changes on the field, at home, and with my friends. I am thankful for what Freddy has done. If it was not for Freddy's help, I would have had coming back in 2016. I recommend Freddy to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental strength. 


Christian Colon

2014 American League Champions Kansas City Royals Utility

I always thought mental toughness was something you were either born with or not, but I was completely wrong. Mental coaching and mental work is just like any other skill you have, you have to practice it and you have to work at it. After working with Freddy I was able to open up my mind to the program Freddy put together for me and I can tell you it changed my life, not only my baseball career, but my life. I went from being negative about things to seeing a positive in every, and I mean every situation I was put in. I am happy to have done the work because it put me in a spot to get the most out of my own abilities.


Kelsey Miller

Miss Delaware 2014 and Miss USA 2014 Contestant

Before meeting Freddy, I never realized the importance of being aware on how we view and talk to ourselves. I was always a positive person when it came to others but it came to how i viewed myself i was always so negative. I would doubt myself on everything I did and would look in the mirror and not like the person what was starring back at me. Freddy tailored an individual program based on the things I needed to work on to allow myself to live more freely and with confidence. He gave me the tools and guidance and learned to love myself and accept myself for the woman that I am. What I got out of the whole experience was something that I can carry away with me forever and will last an eternity.


Tress Way

Washington Redskins Punter

I have always been told that I had the tools to play at the next level, but I struggled with approaching the game at a high mental level. Ever since I worked with Freddy, I have felt that I can't be shaken. I no longer rely on my physical abilities, but the way I approach the game and practice each day mentally. What Freddy did was take all of the goals I had as a player and made them attainable by giving me a routine, laying a strong foundation, and introducing me to a level of confidence i had never known before. 


Fernando Rodriguez

MLB Pitcher, Oakland Athletics

You workout your body to be ready, why not your mind? The program Freddy put together for me helped me overcome the mental obstacles we come across as athletes. Now I know when my name gets called, I am confident and ready to perform at the best of my physical and mental abilities.


Francisco Pena

MBL Catcher, Baltimore Orioles

Freddy has helped me tremendously in the mental side of the game. Baseball is tough game and that is where Freddy comes in, as a former player he understands what I go through and knows the techniques to help me control my mind. Freddy taught me to control my mind and my body through breathing techniques. My negativity has also gone down, my positivity has gone up and it has transfered outside the game as well. Freddy makes personalized audios for me, to relax, to visualize, to sleep better, and to help me get back where I need to be mentally. Freddy is and will be my Mental Skills Coach for a long time.


Blake Wood

MLB Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

Freddy has been instrumental in giving me the necessary tools to not only overcome adversity, but also reach my maximum potential as a player and as a person. He understands how vital it is for the mind and the body to work together, and no one is better at aligning these than Freddy. With Freddy's help, I have been able to give best each day for my team, my family, and myself.


Aaron Brooks

MLB Pitcher, Oakland Athletics

Freddy has shown me what it takes to not only be physically strong, but mentally strong as well. Your mind is a huge part of life and he has shown me that no matter what, positivity is key. Freddy has helped me realize that just a 'hello' or how you are to someone goes a long way, especially within your teammates, and family, whom you see all the time. The program Freddy came up for me really helped me understand my own mind and my own body and most importantly showed me a way to control all my thoughts and channel those thoughts


Dusty Coleman

MLB Utility Infielder, Kansas City Royals

Freddy's Mental Skills Program and techniques helped me to overcome my tendency to focus on the negative and refocus on the positive. I am on my path to consistency being able to control my thoughts and relax in the heat of competition. Freddy is unique because he cares about people becoming successful both on the field and in everyday life. In just one season with Freddy's program, I became more confident and reached many of my goals, including playing in the Big Leagues. I know with continued work there are many more goals to achieve.

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